WHat we work

The Export Development Group is one of the groups of the defense industries system concerned with the promotion and development of Sudanese exports, the increase in the added value of products, the advancement of stubbornness, and the contribution to support the trade balance, the provision of foreign exchange, and the opening of a new regional and global Aswan.

The group operates through a strategic plan in the fields of agriculture, agricultural manufacturing, livestock, and its meat and dairy products industry, with an integrated logistical services system to complement the production cycle. Productivity plays an important role in contributing to the renaissance of the Sudanese economy.

About Us




Regional leadership in animal production with global standards. Regional leadership for agricultural and livestock products with global standards.

Ideal animal production and processing, using advanced technologies with a series of developed solutions in production and marketing taking social the economy as a way to do it.

The company aims to develop animal production and export towards achieving central goals through encroaching social economy, community potential seizing economic opportunities with the optimum use of natural resources to develop and acquire global market shape for developed and sustainable livestock exports. 

Business  Areas

Fattening & Export Of Cattle & Camels

Improvement Of Cattle Breeds

Fattening & Export Of Calves

Our Message

Developing the economics of agricultural and livestock wealth and logistics services using:

Adult agricultural and livestock production.

Distinguished global marketing of products.

Integrated Manufacturing and Logistics.

Using modern technologies and a series of advanced solutions in production and marketing, taking the societal economy as a way to do so.

Our Values

Convergence And Integration

Creativity And Innovation

Friendship With The Environment


  • EDG General Trading L.L.C global leader part of Sudanese Government comprising international companies
  • in the development, export and distribution of agricultural & animal products worldwide.
  • EDG General Trading L.L.C based in Dubai is representative office of Giad Industrial Group- Sudan. We aim to offer
  • competitive products of international standards. We work towards implementing best & innovative technologies in the
  • field of agriculture & animal exports, without compromising on the quality of products we offer.
  • We service animal products from Alategahat Almtadeda Co.LTD and agricultural products from Green Zone our
  • partner companies in Sudan. 80% of Arabic Gum sold in the world is supplied by us.
  • We work hand in hand with the Sudanese economy in the production, processing & distribution of the
  • best quality & organic products, be it livestock, dairy, animal or agricultural products.
  • We offer competing products of international standards, as it adopts a methodology based on innovation and continuous development to provide products in it’s final form as per consumer/ market preference and requirements. We work closely with our partners to meet up to date market requirements.

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Our Offering in Trade for Mutton and Beef


Fresh Meat

14 Days Shelf Life

Vacuumed Meat

60 Days Shelf Life


Frozen Meat

90 Days Shelf Life

Why Meat?

1) Halal Slaughtered

2) Naturally fresh fed Beef and Mutton

3) Research dipstick- Taste preferred by many. Restaurants too prefer to use meat

4) No artificial or chemicals provided

Why EDG General Trading Company to supply Meat?

1) Edge-owned International Supplier

2) Customized offering as per market/business requirement

3) Only companies who can supply your Full Year business requirement

4) Quality and ongoing supply

  • We work towards implementing the best and innovative technologies in the field of agriculture and animal exports, without compromising on the quality of the products we offer.

  • We work hand in hand with different economies in the production, processing and distribution of the best quality and organic products, be it livestock, dairy, animal or agricultural products.

  • We offer competitive products with international standards adopting innovative approaches for sustainable development to deliver satisfaction for clients all over the world.

  • We aspire to grow in the UAE economy as well as the international market and be best in class in the export industry.