Our Facility To Cater Meat Market Requirement

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Key Focus Areas Of EDG Group

Slaughtered Beef

Slaughtered Mutton

Types Of Meat And Channels Of Distribution

Mutton And Beef


Distribution Channel

On Trade
Off- Trade


Super Markets/ Hypermarkets
Specialty Stores
On–line retail stores
Other Distribution channels

  • Modern Integrated Slaughterhouse

Our Facility To Cater Mutton Market Requirement

Our Facility To Cater  Beef  Market Requirement



  • Carcass
  • Cut pieces as per market requirement



  • Carcass
  • Cut pieces as per market requirement

Sl No


Local Sudanese Traders


 EDG General Trading 



No regular supply

Any quantity and Regular supply assured as per agreed business plan with partners 


Quality of Meat concerns- Since the Meat is handled by various sub agents etc to end consumer( quality of meat is a concern by damages/ poor storage etc)

Edge supplies directly to end trade with assured international standard storage and quality check


Focus is more on one time or short interval sales, as a trader hence does not support long term  joint business partnership enter your text here

On-going Sudanese meat partner


 No customised approach/offerings  as per market requirement

Work closely with business partners for customised offerings as per market demands 


Not a sustainable yearly business plan model 

 Sustainable short and long term business model

EDG - only Sudanese Meat company that can support any quantity of meat requirement, on-going manner.

Current Concerns By Local Sudanese Meat Suppliers?

Alkadaro Slaughterhouse For Export


Alkadaro slaughterhouse lies in the area of umelqura east of Alkadaro filed number 74, the total area of the projects is 53 fedans

Production Capacity Alkadaro 1 :

  • Calves in one shift 1000(10 hours)
  • Sheep and goats in one shift 6000(10 hours)

Production Capacity Alkadaro 2 :

  • Calves in one shift 500(10 hours)
  • Sheep and goats in one shift 3000(10 hours)
  • Availability of huge quantity of Mutton and Beef

  • Infrastructure certified globally