4. Logistic Services


Our Alkadaro Slaughterhouse for Export

1. Location Site 

Alkadaro Slaughterhouse lies in the area of umelqura east of Alkadaro filed number 74, the total area of the projects is 53 fedans.

2. Production Capacity Alkadaro 1

3. Production Capacity Alkadaro 2

Calves in one shift 1000 (10 hours) 
Sheep and goats in one shift 6000

(10 hours)

Calves in one shift 500

(10 Hours)
Sheep and goats in one shift 3000 (10 Hours)

We operate with similar logistic companies to ensure that the products meet the global specifications. 

5. International Specifications

We offer competitive products with international standards adopting innovative approaches for sustainable development to deliver satisfactory products for its clients all over the world.

6. Strategic Location 

Sudan occupies the best geographical location in Africa, as it is characterized by the wide views along the Red Sea coast as well many land prosing, Make it easy for Sudan to communicate with many contents of the World. 

Our Field Of Work

Agricultural Production and Processing

The group has the infrastructure, production techniques, and administrative expertise. The group works in the field of agricultural production and contract farming with the aim of the following -

  • Develop this sector using scientific methods.
  • To increase production and improve production efficiency.
  • Achieving an integrated agricultural development.
  • Establishing partnerships to develop agricultural production projects.
  • Develop agricultural industries by adding value to these products.
  • Leadership in regional and international exports of agricultural products.

The Capabilities Of  The Group In This Field Are As  Follows:-

Contract agriculture is based on developing the production and productivity of field and horticultural crops with the latest methods and technologies.

Agricultural and food manufacturing and packaging.

Manufacture of vegetable oils.

Sieves and scales.

Cotton cultivation and production.

back side

Types of Meat





Factories for the production of spinning and weaving.

Cold and dry storage.

A factory for the manufacture of gum arabic.

Agriculture and feed industry.